Study Tips

Here are some study tips that can help you succeed while studying for the USMLE Step 1 exam.

Start early

Many students recommend using your dedicated study resources during your curriculum. For example, some students begin their UWorld questions 3 months before dedicated to get a head start on it. Also, some students follow their First Aid book throughout didactics to get an early first pass on it. This can be a very useful strategy for studying.


Limit your interruptions. Stay away from distractions. One of the biggest distractions is your phone. It is important to limit anything that can break your focus during dedicated study.

Plan your breaks

Schedule regular breaks so that you don’t burn out. Breaks during dedicated can be motivating to study harder. Having a break to look forward to can encourage your mind to focus harder so that your break can feel more rewarding.

Social life

Have someone to talk to. Although your social life will probably be poor during dedicated, make sure you still have people you can enjoy time with and vent to if needed.

Last updated: August 25, 2020